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The Sacred Classroom™
Teacher Education Program 


The Sacred Classroom™ Teacher Education Program is a holistic training program designed and developed in-house led by our founder, Jayashree Ashok to equip leaders, administrators, educators, parents with the essence of Creative's spiritual and pedagogical framework.  It offers a complete series of workshops, retreats and ongoing training towards becoming a certified teacher or administrator in The Sacred Classroom™ Teacher Education Program. Optionally one can simply immerse in this life changing program to experience the joy and empowerment of a new education.

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About The Healing Circle

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The Healing Circle is a registered trust working in the following areas: 

  • Holistic health and wellness using meditation and healing modalities  in The Sacred Healing framework

  • Holistic education of children with The Sacred Classroom™ pedagogy

  • Holistic programs for children from all economic backgrounds using  The Sacred Classroom™ pedagogy

  • Programs for children and families with special needs based on The Sacred Classroom™ pedagogy

  • Parenting and counselling founded on the Sacred Parenting framework

  • Sustainable Living practices including eco-architecture, renewable energy, afforestation and organic farming and rainwater harvesting

The Healing Circle consists of

  • Creative School, a holistic school for students

  • Prajna – 

      Prajna Wisdom Centre - the holistic healing centre

      Prajna Vidya - an outreach arm of The Creative School

      Prajna Integrated Homeopathy Clinic

      Prajna Corporate

  • Prajna Vidya and Prajna Wisdom Centre offer a range of courses towards well-being and self development. The Sacred Classroom™ Teacher Education Program enables individuals towards becoming a teacher in Creative’s pedagogy.

Our Website : 

A Spiritual and Pedagogical framework

We are a community space or Sangha committed to the spirit of collaboration and working through challenges using our spiritual framework, The Sacred Classroom™ .


The Sacred Classroom™ treats life itself as a classroom; it offers a guidepost for the evolution of our consciousness as we work together in a community space.


To equip ourselves with the essence of our spiritual and pedagogical framework, a holistic in-service training program has been designed and developed in-house led by our founder, Jayashree Ashok. The complete series of workshops and retreats in this inservice education program, culminates in a certification for The Sacred Classroom Teacher Education Program. This in-service teacher education program offers an immersion in Creative’s spiritual framework and pedagogy. This will also help you with the mindfulness required for working collaboratively in a Sangha. Along with teacher self-development through the varied courses, the teacher education program covers the implementation of Creative’s Trilogy - educational pedagogy including The Sacred Classroom, Four Step Learning and Cocreating Sacred.


The Sacred Classroom™Teacher Education Program

Level 1

There are two levels in this education program for teachers which spans over the first three years after a teacher joins Creative School. Level 1 courses include foundational mandatory courses in order to teach in a classroom. Level 2 courses continue to build upon the Level 1 foundations and truly address the holistic integral nature of life and education.


Every candidate who wishes to be considered for a teaching position at Creative School, a unit of The Healing Circle trust must undertake training in the following Level 1 courses designated for Year 0/Year 1 of joining the school, prior to starting work in the classroom.

Each of these learning events have been carefully designed and curated to develop and enhance your professional capabilities, as well as support you to work through challenges and patterns that one tends to accumulate over time using self -care practices and healing modalities in a safe and supportive environment.

Deserving candidates with eligibility are offered scholarships on training programme fee subject to verification and fulfilling criteria laid down as part of the overall programme.

1    Emotional Wellbeing

This course helps a person develop Emotional Intelligence - the ability to be aware of emotions - our own and others’; learn from varied experiences and challenges to manage them safely and successfully; and build strong and healthy relationships with self and others. In this course, you will experience and learn to use a variety of self-help tools, which can help you release stored negative emotions, and return to a state of balance and health.

2    Compassionate Communication

This course brings together many modern methods to help you develop self-awareness, communicate with compassion; become aware of conflicts in relationships; and learn the basics of how to resolve conflicts. Communication helps us develop self-awareness and connect with others, understand them, and transform our relationships.

3    The Sacred Classroom™ and Life & Living - a residential retreat

The Sacred Classroom™ and Life & Living is our foundation and spiritual framework for working in our Sangha. The course provides access to each participant to establish self-care and holistic well-being practices, enhance self-awareness, develop mindfulness practices, apply The Sacred Classroom principles and grow through varied challenges, and learn presence in the classroom.

The Sacred Classroom™ forms the foundational pedagogy of Creative School and celebrates the spirit of teaching. Life & Living teaches you to bring to life in the classroom conscious living and holistic well-being concepts in age appropriate ways.

4    A Child’s Journey - 

      a uniquely educational and personally transforming residential retreat


A Child’s Journey is an experiential and immersive program, which gives many insights on child development along with personal transformation and healing.  The retreat is a wonderful balance combination of Therapy and Child education, helps to explore the childhood years and experience healing of your own unfinished childhood wounds using powerful transformative processes. Come be prepared to experience and engage in a beautiful journey of closely connecting and bonding with your inner self; make internal shifts and go beyond traditional mind boundaries; and learn how to embody the profound nurturing role of an adult in a child's life. This is a deeply healing retreat which heals past wounds and brings in new consciousness for child development and care.

This retreat along with The Sacred Classroom™ and Life & Living program serve as apt prerequisites to your future learning e.g. the Joy of Teaching series of learning events.

5    Joy of Teaching - a series of learning events

Under the philosophy and pedagogy of The Sacred Classroom™, learn to help children tune in and consciously connect to the lesson one hundred percent using the pedagogy of the Four Step Learning process and CoCreating Sacred.

Participants will explore application of the Four Step Learning process and Assessments in the area of Mathematics, Science and Language Arts and Humanities.

Level 2

Teacher Education Program - Level 2 which will need to be completed within the first two years of your joining at Creative School. As a holistic centre, The Healing Circle offers courses for teachers to continue their healing and transformative journey through thoroughly designed advanced education. These programs have been running since the school’s inception for the entire Sangha - as per their job role and responsibilities.

1    The Sacred Classroom™ : Advanced - Online Course and Residential retreat

The Sacred Classroom life and living foundational course is a prerequisite to this course. In this course we will delve deeper into each of the seven pillars of the Sacred Classroom along with the practice of each pillar. This course is offered online along with webinars, reflection exercises and follow-up assignments.

Through this course there will be practical application of life and work situations with immersive inner work using multiple healing modalities in a safe and supportive environment.

2    Breathwork Residential Retreat complimented with Breathwork Sessions

Both the residential retreat and the one-on-one Breathwork Sessions focus on deeply cleansing the energy system bringing forth profound healing by employing the techniques of breathing.

Breathwork Residential Retreat: The primary focus is on cleansing and balancing the Chakras through profound healing modalities like Rebirthing Breathwork, Spiritual Purification along with the 5 Elements and Energy Work. Purification can create peace, vibrancy, enthusiasm and abundance in life - personal, family and work.

Breathwork Sessions: Receive 10 Breathwork Sessions held one-on-one by an experienced Rebirthing Breathwork healer over a period of 3 months. This helps throw toxicity and different forms of negativity that we typically accumulate, knowingly and unknowingly through time.

3    Prosperity Consciousness

Prosperity Consciousness is the best foundation to live a content and joyful life! Participants will be guided through many self-awareness exercises and transformative processes to work through deep seated core beliefs that limit our capacity and potential. Meditations that help shift our consciousness into abundance and prosperity are a truly liberating experience.  Self-sabotage and limiting tendencies and mindset will be explored freeing our consciousness and allowing a natural expansion.

4    Healing the Child Within

This course catalyses deep healing of hidden wounds from our childhood and enhances the ability to express our full potential as an adult positively impacting the quality of life. We learn to become aware of, heal and manage our inner child in wonderfully nurturing ways. 

5    Sacred Parenting

A unique Five Stage Model for Sacred Parenting which has been developed at Creative school has deeply spiritual and practical learnings for participants to increase their own awareness and create profound positive changes in the parent-child relationship, making parenting a rich and joyous journey. Brings in a new consciousness into parenting based on all aspects of life. Deeply respectful of both the parent and child’s journey it brings in new consciousness that greatly strengthens parent-child understanding and connection as whole beings.

6    Family Constellation

Helps transgenerational healing of familial systems. The simple processes of constellation work can help an individual to shift generations of suffering, inherited ailments, addictions, trauma and unhappiness, and find solutions that can be life-changing for the individual, family, and ancestry, as well as the future generations..

All Hands In

If you wish to join our community

Kindly watch the films 'The Journey to Wholeness' and 'The Sacred Classroom'.
Write to us at to receive Reflection Exercises based on these films.
Please also share with us your intention on why you are keen to join us. 

Look forward to having you with us in this journey of co-creation!

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