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Our Journey


Founded with Love and Experience

Prajna Vidya is the outreach arm of Creative School which was founded in the year 2010 by Jayashree Ashok and B Ashok. Prior to the inception of The Healing Circle, Jayashree and Ashok working with Microsoft, Seattle USA had founded non profits connected with Education; their primary focus being Holistic Development of children. A strong inner transformation and journey of selfless service led them to founding The Healing Circle and Creative School, a conscious community with a strong spiritual foundation working in the areas of holistic healing and sustainable living, soul based education and sacred parenting.

Jayashree, Ashok, Reshma, Dhivya, Rathy along with the team of teachers of Creative School have worked with a multitude of communities over fifteen years and developed programs like the ‘The Sacred Classroom’, ‘Life & Living’ and ‘The Joy of Teaching Series’. These have been conceptualized and designed mindfully by respecting the learning needs of individuals at various stages of self-growth – being a Learner, Educator, Changemaker, Business Stakeholder or Influencer. 

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